Our Story

It all started in 2011 when I went to Mombasa in Kenya for a holiday. I met Mary, the head of Little Faces School, and was so impressed by her dedication to the children that I decided to support her efforts in any way that I could.

The school is in one of the poorest communities in Mombasa in Africa where education is a privilege and not usually accessible for poor children. At this time there were 35 children in one schoolroom.

The school was in a such a state of disrepair it was not safe.  It was a rusty, tin shack that was held up with sticks.  The children were trying to write on the rough floor as they had no desks and very few chairs.  It had no toilet facilities for the children, just a disgusting small room used by the entire community with no running water.



Stone school building with 4 classrooms and new toilets!

Thanks to funds raised through Rotary, DHL and many individuals, there is now a new stone building with 4 classrooms and new toilets specially for the children. They also have hand washing facilities as previously they could not afford the water to use for washing.


New equipment for the students! 🙂

The children now have desks and chairs, stationary, books, 7 computers and a printer.


A place for having fun and playing around!

The children now have got simple playground equipment and are learning to have fun!